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ecoVeritas team receive their Hogwarts letters

11th November 2016


Last week the ecoVeritas team embarked on an eagerly awaited excursion to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, located in a magical universe just off the M25, in Leavesden, near Watford. Having recently introduced Richard to the first of the Harry Potter films, it was fitting that the team away day sought further immersion into the world of Harry Potter. Indeed, such was Richard’s enthusiasm for this that he expressed disappointment that the promise of watching all eight films in succession as part of the tour turned out to be a joke.
Nevertheless after the curtain was raised on the famous Hogwarts Great Hall the tour of the studios, sets, props and production could begin in earnest. Early highlights include a model of Severus Snape which managed an uncanny embodiment of the mannerisms of the late Alan Rickman, an insight into how post was propelled through the Dursleys’ letter box, and a big red train.

The team and a train
All this excitement prompted lunch which, alas, did not feature pumpkin pasties, Chocolate Frogs or Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Despite this, the team was more than able to muster up the energy for a brief but thoroughly enjoyed tour of Number 4, Privet Drive before moving onto the second part of the tour which featured some much appreciated animatronics, a performance from Warwick Davis worthy of stand-up comedy, and our own rendition of perhaps the greatest Harry Potter film moment: the Hogwarts Castle reveal. All in all, the team gained a much deeper appreciation of the variety and extent of work which goes into film production.
The day was rounded off with an entertaining, albeit brief, game of “spot the famous person” on a vast collection of wand boxes before Catherine proceeded to enhance her desk and car keys with replica props.
Many thanks to Richard and ecoVeritas for an enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable away day.Elodie at the wheel