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ecoVeritas team goes to Millets Farm

15th August 2016


Maize Maze

Last weekend, in honour of Freya’s birthday the ecoVeritas team spent a day at Millets Farm, a garden centre just outside of Oxford. The team first successfully navigated the Maize Maze, a challenging and in some areas very tall network of crops beholding jewels and treasure. Finding all of the clues in just short of an hour the team located the treasure. This was done in a highly methodical fashion, of course, as we are a team of data analysts!





Go Karting

After the maze, the team spent some time racing the Go-Karts around the track and moved onto see the array of farm animals that Millets Farm had to offer. The farm had all of the usual goats and horses but had a few more exotic creatures with Alpacas and Rheas from South America which Paul was particularly fond of as they reminded him of his trip there a few years ago.


The team are now beginning to plan the annual team social so watch this space for news of that!