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Working at ecoVeritas – what is the job of data analyst like?

8th June 2017

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We are currently recruiting for a Data Analyst. Below, one of our team talks about what he enjoys about working for ecoVeritas.

George Edwards, Data Analyst

I started at ecoVeritas just after finishing a Master’s degree at the end of last summer. What appealed to me about the job was the opportunity to take on a varied role within the City of Oxford. I had decided that I wanted to continue living in the city, and wanted a job in which I could try out differing roles within a business to see what appeals the most to me. I also enjoy using and working with data, so finding a role which fulfilled the two previous criteria and also involved data was certainly a bonus!

As I anticipated, my job turned out to be quite varied, as can be expected when working for a small business. My core role is project focused and I have various different roles and responsibilities to ensure an accurate and timely submission of our clients’ data to their respective compliance schemes. These responsibilities include project management, collection of relevant data through client and supplier communication, checking and reformatting this data to ensure it is compatible with our software suite, and analysis of the calculation and its results. In the period from January until the end of March, this fills the majority of my time and culminated with the submission of annual data returns to the relevant compliance schemes.

Outside of my core job, I contribute to the running of the business in many different ways. I’m a frequent contributor to the ecoVeritas blog, planning, researching and writing new ideas and content. This is something I enjoy especially as I have a background in essay writing and enjoy the process of expression through words. I also carry out research to help improve the systems of work we use and contribute to writing proposals when appropriate. Beyond this, I have played a role in testing and developing PACKMAN, ecoVeritas’ custom built software suite, which is key to the work we do.

One thing I enjoy about my job is its variety. Although the bulk of what I do is data focused, albeit in a wide range of contexts for different clients, I’ve been exposed to a variety of different important roles in the running of a business and have gained a better understanding of these. I don’t think this is something I would have experienced in any larger company. I also enjoy the opportunity to work with large data sets and complex spreadsheets. It throws up some interesting and challenging problems which are often enjoyable to solve. The role also contributes to our clients meeting UK and global environmental regulations, which in some way goes to promoting greater recycling and perhaps a more sustainable future.

To find out more about the Data Analyst role which we are currently recruiting for please visit our Current Vacancies.