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South America Update

15th January 2018

south americaIn our Summer newsletter we had an article assessing the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) trends across South America. As the regulatory frameworks are in a period of fast development in this region, below we take a further look and provide some updates.

An Implementing Regulation to the EPR Law was finalised at the end of November, coming into force on the 1st December. It creates a procedure for waste prevention legislative instruments, and waste collection and recovery goals. In September, Chile also announced a plastic bag ban in coastal cities which will be implemented over the next 12 months.

An “Extended and Shared Responsibility” Bill has been reintroduced into the Chamber of Deputies. Under the Argentine Parliamentary rules, bills must be reintroduced every 2 years before they expire. A new EPR bill for used tires was also proposed which would require producers of tires to develop and implement end of life management systems for used tires. This would involve the payment of fees to fund the system.

A new EPR bill was proposed in the Chamber of Deputies covering glass, steel, aluminium and paper in the Autumn. Producers would be required to register with the Ministry of Environment, and finance the collection of waste throughout the country, as well as meeting the collection and recovery targets set by the ministry. This bill has not yet been passed.

In the Autumn, the Guidelines for Implementation of a national solid waste policy reverser logistics system was approved. This law enforces take back requirements on a number of products such as batteries and waste electronics. Other bills have been proposed requiring minimum levels of recycled content in plastic packaging or to use biodegradable plastic. At a State level, a Sau Paulo bill has been proposed that would require producers of packaging to set up collection points for their packaging which would then be transferred to local recyclers. This bill has not yet been passed.

Costa Rica
An EPR bill has been proposed that if passed would place new responsibilities on the producers of six priority waste types, including waste electronics, batteries and packaging. It would require producers to finance the collection and meet the recovery goals for each waste type and require the management of these waste types to be carried out by authorised  bodies.

We will be tracking the EPR situation in South America, and around of the world. If you would like more information please do get in touch!