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Wrap’s Plastic Packaging Factsheet

1st September 2018

Wrap’s Plastic Packaging Factsheet is now available online. Read it here.

Below is a brief summary from the introduction about the aims of this document.

The way a plastic is designed to behave alongside what material it’s made from, affects what it can be used for as well as how it can be recycled and disposed of at the end of its life. With plastics top of the sustainability agenda many companies are looking at alternatives to conventional plastic typically used for packaging applications. However, there is potential for the language that we use to describe plastics to be confusing: with the different material types of plastic – fossil-based or bio-based; how plastic is described and referred to – conventional plastics or bioplastics; and, how plastic behaves – nonbiodegradable, biodegradable or compostable – and the effect these factors have on how it’s collected and disposed of.

Understanding the terms that we use to describe plastics is essential to ensure that the right materials are used in the right applications, and so that all plastics are recycled in the right way and pollution of the environment is prevented.

This document is aimed at anyone who is interested in understanding the complexities around different types of plastic.