Following the amendmentsto the packaging EPR data reporting regulations, which came into force in all four nations on the 1 April 2024, Defra have released new guidance on packaging EPR, which has now been published on 


The updates are included on the following pages on 

1.    Packaging data: what to collect for extended producer responsibility. 

2.    Extended producer responsibility for packaging: who is affected and what to do (this page includes mostly minor wording changes to align with the main guidance). 

Changes to the Packaging data: what to collect for extended producer responsibility page are as follows: 


Newguidance on Extended producer responsibility for packaging: how to assess household and non-household packaginghas been published separately. 


We advise you to check that you have all the information you need for extended producer responsibility and should you wish to discuss any of the above in more detail, please reach out to your account manager or speak to one of our advisors on +44 (0)1865 721375 to find out how we can help.