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Component-level packaging data

Compliance reporting currently only requires the recording of total packaging weights per overall material category. However, much more detailed data can be collected if packaging data is broken down into components.

Alongside calculating packaging waste totals for compliance with Extended Producer Responsibility regulations, ecoVeritas can provide more detailed component level packaging data analysis and reporting. For instance, packaging information on the lid, bottle and label of a drink’s container would be held separately. At component level, we can report on recyclability, recycled content % and compostability, colour and paper/plastic type in a way that is not possible when viewing the product as a whole.

Our custom data management software allows us to perform comprehensive quality assurance on large databases, both at product level and of individual packaging components through reports designed specifically for this type of data.

ecoVeritas has undertaken component level data collection, analysis and reporting for several clients in the grocery sector. Reporting can be provided on problematic packaging (e.g. black plastic) and for monitoring progress against sustainable packaging targets both in the UK and internationally.

How we can help you:

  • Report on progress towards sustainable packaging objectives e.g WRAP’s UK Plastic Pact targets
  • Provide a detailed packaging breakdown by plastic/paper type
  • Summarise packaging by On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), recycled content % and recyclability
  • Provide a packaging material summary by sales department and/or supplier, which can be used to target areas most in need of improvement

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