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ecoVeritas Data Protection and Privacy Policy

We operate under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

What Personal Data do we have about our Clients?

The data which forms the core of our business relates to attributes and sales of products and packaging and includes no personal or financial information. It is thus outside the scope of GDPR legislation. We hold the names and contact details of key personnel at our clients’ businesses. This is held in accordance with the contracts which we hold with those companies. This information is used to conduct business with the client and advise them of new services, as appropriate.

Clients may provide email addresses of suppliers to us for the purpose of obtaining data about packaging. This information is retained and transmitted in line with our contracts with our clients and their contracts with their suppliers.

We don’t have a mailing list for marketing purposes.

How we secure, store and retain clients’ data

All personal data pertaining to our clients and their suppliers is held on a secure server which has withstood the highest level of penetration testing

How clients can access, update or delete their data

Clients and suppliers have the right to know what personal data we keep about them. They should contact us at to request this. Details of data held will be provided within 30 days. Clients and suppliers have the right to request personal data be updated or deleted from our systems although should be advised that this may prevent the work which we are contracted to undertake and should therefore be considered only in exceptional circumstances.


We work with a number of individuals within related industries for the purposes of mutual information exchange and advice. These are known as “partners”. The contact details of these partners are stored on a secure server which has withstood the highest level of penetration testing. The contact details are supplied by mutual consent (such as at networking events or contact via LinkedIn). This consent can be withdrawn at any time by either party.

Third Parties

We will not pass any personal contact details on to third parties for marketing or other purposes.

Job Applicants

Our Privacy Policy for job applicants will be supplied at the time that jobs are advertised. This will clearly outline how personal information will be collected and retained.