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Extended producer responsibility (EPR) policies are beginning to have an effect across the globe. No matter what markets your business operates in, it’s likely that you have felt these impacts in some capacity. And, with the UK’s Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) having come into force on April 1, 2022, all in-scope businesses now face strict new data collection requirements.

While these measures are, in the long term, a positive step for the future of the planet, they come at a difficult time for many businesses. With companies still coming to terms with the dual impacts of Covid and Brexit, the additional impact of a new packaging tax is an unwelcome one – at least, in the short term. Not only will the tax liability itself potentially be an additional expense but upgrading and upskilling the data collection operation is likely to incur its own costs. Following conversations with our customers, we decided to create some free tools to help you navigate these turbulent times without any excessive cost.

Our suite of free EPR tools will help you capture and practically interpret data, enabling you to precisely calculate the financial impact your packaging has on your bottom line.


Data collection tool

Our data collection tool will help your business get started collecting the data you need to meet the new, stricter PPT requirements. The new legislation places greater emphasis on collecting quality data, which means you need robust data capturing tools. While you will likely have access to some packaging data already, it may not be sufficiently detailed to meet the new requirements.

This is why we created our free data collection tool. It’s a template that allows you to input all the data you have and translate it into the new format, identifying any gaps while providing insights into what materials may be subject to the tax. It allows compliance departments to fully interrogate the data they have on hand while also offering specific, actionable areas for improvement.

The data collection tool breaks down packaging data into three clear categories – primary, secondary, and tertiary, and collects granular detail on all three. You can input information such as packaging material, quantity, and purpose (which will help you calculate any exemptions). It also allows you to easily collect information on evidence for recycled content.,

To access our free data collection tool, get in touch here.


Plastic tax calculator

Our plastic tax calculator is a simple tool that does what it says on the tin. Input data about your business and the plastic packaging it uses, and the calculator will give you a figure for your expected tax liability. When used in conjunction with our data collection tool, this makes it easy to collect the data you need, accurately predict future costs, and identify any areas of your supply chain that can be streamlined.

To use our plastic tax calculator, just click here.


Global EPR regulation matrix

EPR is a complex topic. It is not a set of laws, but rather a general policy approach agreed upon by global governments. Countries are free to enact EPR reforms in any way they see fit, so the specific legislation varies from nation to nation. If your company has a global reach, the obligations you must meet in the USA may be different from those faced by your India operations.

This is why we crafted a detailed global matrix to provide instant access to EPR legislation in over 60 countries. Updated on a quarterly basis, the matrix acts as a database that provides at-a-glance information on EPR, recycling labelling, voluntary schemes, and other obligations that may affect your business.


To request your free country example visit this page and get in touch. If you require a bespoke matrix, just let us know.

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