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Monitoring Global Legislation

ecoVeritas have an expert understanding of voluntary and legislative packaging, WEEE and battery obligations across the globe. We recently carried out a review of the relevant legislation in 63 countries, states and provinces for a global company, with ongoing monitoring to follow. As part of this service, we are also able to communicate with statutory bodies to check obligations on specific items, on behalf of our client.

If you are concerned about your packaging, WEEE or battery obligations in a particular country or group of countries, or are contemplating a sales campaign in a new territory, then ecoVeritas is strongly placed to advise you on any obligations that you may have.


How we can help you:

  • Work with clients to undertake research in any regions or country
  • Recommend steps to take to ensure legislation is being met across a range of countries
  • Work with you to ensure compliance within these regions if steps are found to be lacking, and take on packaging or WEEE and battery calculations in any country


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