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Countries across the globe are becoming concerned about the diet of their population, reflected (for instance) in increasing Type 2 Diabetes and obesity. In the UK, targets have been imposed by Government for substantial reductions in dietary sugar and salt. Also of concern are levels of carbohydrate, certain types of fat and food additives.

ecoVeritas has experience of working with major supermarkets, assessing the mix of nutrients across many food categories, and advising on reformulation focus areas or on a shift in marketing direction to achieve reductions. We achieve this by validating nutrient data provided, followed by complex data analysis and reporting. In many cases ecoVeritas already holds sales data, making the dataset build process more straightforward.

ecoVeritas has previous experience of undertaking benchmark projects in the supermarket sector, in partnership with WRAP, and has been trusted to hold sales data.

How we can help you:

  • Collect data about selected nutrients and advise on trends and reductions
  • Benchmark key products and offer recommendations on nutritional data
  • Work with a group of suppliers to pool data and share best practice

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