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The last year has seen an explosion of worldwide public concern about the environmental pollution caused by plastics, particularly plastic packaging. This was partly triggered by long term concerns promoted by organisations such as Greenpeace, but was certainly given an impetus by the Blue Planet II series of programmes on BBC TV, which were syndicated around the world. We share the real sense of horror at the scale of the issue, the impact on the environment and the potential for long-term and irreparable damage.

Retail organisations such as supermarkets in the UK have made major commitments to reduction or even elimination of plastic packaging that will require substantial effort by food manufacturers, packaging manufacturers and the retailers themselves. This leadership is being watched by much of the world with a view to finding workable solutions to problematic packaging. Major change is also required in the attitudes of society, of recycling technologies and capabilities, and much more.

This is a hugely complicated topic and to help in the search for solutions, a number of collaborations have emerged, including the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy and the Plastics Pact organised by WRAP.

What are we doing to support this change? We’re undertaking component-level analysis tracking of plastic packaging for retailers to allow them to build strategies for change; we’re tracking those changes by undertaking cyclic reviews of plastic packaging; benchmarking plastic packaging across retailers to find best-in-class, and advising retailers where high yield opportunities in the plastic reduction quest might lie. The Plastics Pact has defined a list of problematic packaging requiring urgent attention.

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How we can help you:

  • Assist you to comply with emerging packaging legislation including the UK plastic packaging tax.
  • Provide component-level analysis of plastic packaging
  • Advise on lightweighting and substitution to recyclable materials
  • Enable you to reinforce your environmental credentials
  • Target problematic packaging

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