Slashing compliance costs by 65% for Fenwick


Department store chain Fenwick Limited is firmly committed to sustainability, so when it comes to packaging waste the company is meticulous in its approach to reducing waste and costs. It was a step out of the ordinary for Fenwick to outsource the work but it marked the beginning of a longstanding partnership, and Fenwick hasn’t looked back since.


“Fenwick uses very few consultants – our philosophy is to do things in-house wherever we can,” explained Jill Anders, Company Secretary.


“However, Fenwick’s directors made an exception in the case of our packaging waste calculation because ecoveritas can do this work at significantly lower cost than ourselves. ecoveritas has a long working relationship with our company and, more importantly, they have a full understanding of the retail sector. As the Company Secretary of Fenwick, I have the responsibility to ensure we comply with these regulations, and ecoveritas’ management of REPRA (Retailers’ Producer Responsibility Association) has given me increased confidence that we are. It has reduced our costs by 65%, and also freed up my time to tackle other priorities.”


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