Supporting a chain reaction for Selfridges


High end department store chain Selfridges promises that sustainability underpins everything they do, with great emphasis placed on sharing best practice. Therefore, ecoveritas with REPRA (Retailers’ Producer Responsibility Association) offered the perfect partnership.


Rolando Faley, Head of Facilities, Property Services for Selfridges & Co. said: “In 2004, Selfridges decided to contract out the calculation of our packaging waste obligation, in order to reduce the burden on our own staff. Of the companies tendering for the contract, ecoveritas/REPRA offered the best value for money, by a wide margin. As a result of their assistance, our calculation costs are much lower than they were before we joined, while the accuracy of the calculation has increased significantly. REPRA meetings also give us the opportunity to share best practices with decision-makers from like-minded organisations on issues such as WEEE and packaging minimisation.”


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