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months until the new plastic tax is set to take effect. Make the time count!

The focus of our work is providing a range of tools and expertise to brands and retailers to efficiently minimise the environmental impact and maximise the effectiveness of their packaging.

With strong knowledge and experience of the global packaging industry and in support of a more robust circular economy, the ecoVeritas team offers data collection and analysis services, as well as compliance, packaging consultancy and advice.

ecoVeritas are recognised as specialists in Producer Responsibility calculations and submissions globally, including Packaging Waste, WEEE and Batteries. In recent years, we have expanded into other areas of data analysis including plastic, nutrition, carbon and sustainable sourcing. To date, we have experience working in all continents except Antarctica!

With CSR taking a more central role in business we are seeing interest in a transition towards a circular economy model, which includes our clients wanting to take further steps to reduce, reuse, recover and recycle their packaging materials. Increasing awareness of the environmental consequences of our choices and actions is focussing our clients on how their strategies can make a positive contribution. ecoVeritas’ ethical credentials are important to us and we are working with a number of large companies to meet new legislation and take the lead in driving positive changes in their environmental impact.

ecoVeritas has been in business for over 20 years, employing a highly skilled team of data analysts and using sophisticated data models and management tools. We take pride in working accurately, quickly and delivering excellent customer service. Contact us to find out how our circular economy data consultancy can help you.

ecoVeritas Global Compliance Services

for environmental compliance worldwide

packaging waste


for packaging waste obligations and packaging minimisation



helping brands and retailers minimise the environmental impact of their packaging

UK Plastic Packaging Tax Calculator

we can provide you with a free of charge ballpark calculation today using our Plastic Tax Calculator

WEEE and Batteries

for WEEE and batteries compliance and calculations

We have worked in 30 European countries

ecoVeritas submit over 250 returns annually for packaging, WEEE and battery calculations

ecoVeritas dealt with data regarding 70 million wine bottles which represents 33,000 tonnes of glass

ecoVeritas currently has over 40 clients which have a combined turnover in excess of $32 billion/ £22 billion

9 out of the 10 leading department stores in the UK contract out their packaging waste calculations to ecoVeritas

Over 4000 data requests were sent by ecoVeritas to suppliers in 2015

Changing from our previous service provider was straightforward, and required minimal input from Waitrose.

Mike Walters, Group Manager Waste & Water Resource, The John Lewis Partnership

ecoVeritas has a well-organized system in place for collecting data from us, accurately calculating our obligations and making compliance scheme submissions on our behalf

Allan Watwood, European Risk Manager, Claire’s Accessories
John Lewis Partnership
Waitrose and Partners