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Established in 1999, Ecoveritas has a proud history of supporting brands, retailers and their supply chains with a wide range of environmental compliance data, sustainability consulting and packaging optimisation services.

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Andrew McCaffery

EPR Director
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Charlotte Stokes

EPR Assistant Manager
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Daniel Hammond

Data Administrator
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Hannah Whitaker

Assistant Quality Manager
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Helen Hodgson

Data Product Owner

Irvin Newbitt

Chief Executive Officer
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Jessica Draisey

Data Analyst
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Josh Remi

Commercial Manager

Kathy Illingworth

Head of Sustainability Consulting
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Kirusigan Pirapakaran

Data Administrator

Richard Savery

Chief Technology Officer
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Mandy Davies

Database and Quality Manager
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Rebecca Webber

EPR Operations Manager
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Sandy Dhesi

Commercial Manager
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Adam Jobling

Global EPR Researcher


ecoveritas Carbon Footprint 2021

Our carbon footprint provides one indicator of the overall environmental performance of our organisation. We have calculated this by adhering to the global accounting standard, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. In addition to the mandatory Scope 1 (direct) and Scope 2 (indirect) emissions, we also report on the significant Scope 3 emissions from our operations. These emissions include business travel, commuting and our waste.

2021 was another unusual year for us all and like everyone, ecoveritas had to adapt our working practices due to the Covid global pandemic. This impacted our carbon footprint by reducing business travel and commuting for part of the year. As with 2020, we decided that we should account for the electricity consumption from our staff working from home, along with that in our office and as our staff numbers have risen by 50% in 2021 compared to 2020, this has added some emissions to our total footprint. The same is true for our commuting, whilst the office has been closed for part of the year, it was open more in 2021 than 2020 and once again due to staff numbers increasing, the total impact has risen. The overall footprint has therefore increased by just over 50% to 5.2 tonnes CO2e, and on a per employee basis by 5%, to around 350kg CO2e generated per FTE.

We anticipate maintaining a good deal of home working at ecoveritas but we will need to travel for more meetings and to the office, however the team remain committed to keeping their environmental impact to a minimum by limiting business travel, walking, cycling or using public transport to get to work and through a very diligent office recycling scheme. However, we wish to mitigate our environmental impacts and as such have chosen to offset our carbon footprint by donating to the Woodland Trust’s Carbon Balanced Programme

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