Delivering 360° packaging services

At Ecoveritas, we’re not just data and compliance experts. We fundamentally understand the role of packaging in protecting, preserving and presenting goods, and how to optimise it for the supply chains of today… and tomorrow.

The Ecoveritas 360° offer means we provide a number of packaging optimisation services to enable to our clients to not only meet their legislative compliance obligations but develop their packaging portfolios to meet the needs of people, profitability and the planet!


Packaging Optimisation Services
Brand Redesign

Packaging isn’t just a vehicle to deliver your product – it reflects your brand’s personality and engages with your customer. A brand refresh or redesign is often the solution to declining brand share or tired-looking packaging

At Ecoveritas, we have a team of marketing, graphic and structural design experts that can support your brand redesign process.

Ecoveritas protects the visual integrity of your brand ID throughout today’s multichannel communications and across different packaging types

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Structural and Pack Format Redesign

With the demands of today’s omnichannel retailing world, brand owners and retailers the world over are redesigning their packaging to cope with the challenges of today’s global supply chains, as well as to meet evolving environmental sustainability objectives.

Ecoveritas not only supports clients with packaging and data compliance services, but also provides 360° packaging services including structural packaging format redesign.

Ensuring the shape, texture, materials and graphic stand out of a pack are key for on shelf or on-screen promotion. However, visual standout also need to be balanced against the key pack processing and product protection factors that today’s modern supply chains demand. Whether extending product shelf life, ensuring high speed filling or incorporating consumer convenience into the pack design, Ecoveritas has the skills and expertise to support your pack development project.

Services include:

Importantly, once designed, Ecoveritas also offers Life Cycle Assessment services to compare pack designs and assure your customers of the environmental and sustainability benefits of the new design.

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Cost Efficiency Analysis

When optimising packaging, the bottom line still counts! Ecoveritas offers a range of services to ensure pack cost is optimised, alongside other key design requirements.

Ecoveritas’ services include:

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Packaging Portfolio Review

Can your range be simplified? Can your current materials selection be improved or streamlined to drive your environmental sustainability performance? Need a fresh objective review of your current packaging portfolio to understand what could be achieved?

Ecoveritas is here to help!

With deep commercial and technical expertise in packaging development, the Ecoveritas team can conduct an in-depth packaging portfolio review in a number of areas:

Let Ecoveritas boost your packaging sustainability performance!

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